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Low Self-esteem

Self-esteem refers to the general opinion that we have about ourselves. When you have a positive self-esteem you feel good about yourself and you feel that you deserve the respect of others. A healthy self-esteem helps you to manage your life’s ups and downs better. In contrast, having low self-esteem entails that the beliefs that you have about yourself are often negative. Although we all lack confidence at times, an enduring low self-esteem can have a detrimental effect on your mental health and on your life in general. If you suffer from low self-esteem you generally tend to focus on your weaknesses. You may also have difficulties recognising your strengths, even if others point those out. Additionally, you may be extremely self-critical and hypersensitive to criticism from others. This could be due to a fear of failure and making mistakes (Rosenberg & Owens, 2001). Then, as a result of a fear of making errors, you may strive for perfection which then leads to frustration and exhaustion, as perfection cannot be attained. People with low self-esteem may also feel awkward when interacting with others, as they may feel that they are not able to express themselves due to their fear of making mistakes. Low self-esteem may have a negative impact on people’s lives in areas such as relationships, school and work. Moreover, research from Silvestone and Salsali (2003) has shown that low self-esteem was found to be correlated with a number of negative outcomes such as social anxiety and depression.

Treatment of Low Self-esteem

My treatment of low self-esteem consists in a combination of techniques derived from different therapeutic approaches. If you need help to boost your self-esteem please contact me.


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